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RnRMgr not responding to room invites.

We found an error on a client’s environment where the following error would occur on the server console:

RnRMgr: Error processing reservation document <noteid>

It was found that when rooms are being invited, they are not responding to invites even though they are being delivered into the rooms & resources database (rnrdb) It was found that the notice documents in the ($Nlookup) in the rnrdb are not being processed, which is why not responses are being sent. The RNRMGR task was found to be running correctly, but that it would give random errors “RnRMgr: Error processing reservation document <noteid>”. These note ids were tracked and found that they correlate to the notice documents in the ($NLookup) view in the rnrdb. A list of these were created and it was found that this is not happening to all rooms’ invites. The affected rooms were investigated and certain fields were found to be not on the documents. The resource documents in rnrdb were resaved and the the invites retested which worked. The rnrmgr was restarted to force it to reprocess the historic invites.

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